Lodha Lincoln’s Inn Field, Marketing Suite Event, London

Lodha Lincoln’s Inn Field,
Marketing Suite Event, London

An exquisite event designed to narrate the story and unveiling of the first phase of Lodha UK’s development project in Lincoln’s Inn Fields – Lincoln Square to prospective buyers.

Lincoln Square


The Lincoln Square Development provides a unique opportunity to own a high-quality residence in one of London’s finest neighbourhoods. Lincoln Square sits at the heart of London’s historic and legal quarter between the cultural hub of Covent Garden to the west and the financial district of the Square Mile to the east. The immediate area is home to some of London’s most prestigious institutions, including Lincoln’s Inn, the Royal Courts of Justice, the London School of Economics and King’s College London.

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Lincoln Square

The installation was designed to engage with the audience, showcase the brand and development, through a visually stimulating and interactive exhibition.  The story of this high end property development set in the historic, cultural, legal and academic heart of London, WC2, became the narrative of the exhibition.

On entering, a giant feature book display highlighted local amenities to the Lincoln Square Development and payed homage to the legal and academia aspect of the area and development strapline ‘Ubi Animi Magni Vivunt’ or ‘Where Great Minds Live’.

Lincoln Square
Lincoln Square

Interactive multimedia and architectural models formed a central grand entertainment space and offering more specific information about the development whilst large whild gilded light boxes flanked the perimeters offering a taste of the elegant, warm and contemporary design on offer.

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Lincoln Square

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20th December 2016

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