Colour Inspiration

Stunning example of how pops of colour can bring your interior to life. Ever fall in love with a piece of furniture in a vivid colour and wonder how to work the rest of your room around it? My advice, find the colour in nature and just let the environment, or in this case the bird do it for you.

Choosing your Colour Palette

The interior design of your home is about you and those living in your home. If your personality is bold and vibrant, let your room reflect that. We love this image of the blue footed Booby bird and it’s amazing turquoise legs! The bird’s feathers give us gorgeous chocolate and dark browns, mixed with softer creamier tones. The environment offers us a softer pinky beige palette with a fabulous pop of lime green.

Be bold and have fun!


Product References

No 007

Frilly Chair by Kartell, Reflection Candlestick Large by Stelton, Axel Dining Table by Timothy Oulton Colourtrend Piano Key,  Waterford Crystal Mixology Neon Decanter Lime Green,  Lome vintage braided pendant light by Mullan lighting.

No 009

Rangno Woodmania Ivory, Nightingale teal blue velvet sofa by the french bedroom company, Habitat Rug, Colourtrend Souffle, Limegrass plant, Colourtrend soda bread, Mirror Purves

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