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Colour Inspiration

Sundown, when light fades and darkness falls. This photo proves that even a dark environment throws up yet another beautiful palette.

How to make a dark beautiful room?

Every time I meet a client, they leave the dark room until last to show me. ‘We’ve tried everything yet it just doesn’t work’, and every time it transpires they have tried to brighten the room.

I believe you should leave a dark room dark but make it a beautiful dark room. Lighter colours will just not perform the same way as in a room full of daylight. Colours tend to look more vivid in daylight. It may be added that under daylight the human eye can differentiate between half a million different shades, while under normal fluorescent lighting the corresponding figure is 8! There have been huge advances in lighting in recent years with the availability of natural daylight bulbs which offer the ability to read more colours in artificial light. However, these are often reserved for commercial working environments so back to my argument for making a dark room a beautiful dark room.

Take a look at our boards. This colour palette is rich and dark yet still warm. Any lighter tones are heavily unbalanced by much darker shades. The proof of how little you should use is in the photo and supported by the mood images.

Try not to be afraid of darker shades. Once you add some warm lighting, this room will come to life. Remember to can still add textures, woods, fabrics etc. Use warm led light fittings as they will offer less light than the cooler blue toned bulbs. They’ll give a more intimate, moody light. The darker the better!

Embrace your dark side!



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No 016

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No 018

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