Tess Stanford Interior Design Colour Inspiration, Blog No 001
Tess Stanford Interior Design Colour Inspiration, Blog No 002

Anybody can design their own living space, for some it just comes naturally for others a little helping hand and a starting point is all that’s required. I get asked by so many people for help on colour. Its seems to be the biggest challenge and people are afraid to experiment and afraid to make a wrong choice. This is such a shame as colour is the most exciting part.

I’ve been observing people in spaces for years, how they react to space and colour and how colour reacts in a space and to light. For me, it just seems natural, I love playing with tones and creating palettes that enhance and affect your mood, whether it be commercial or domestic interior.

So many people want inspiration on colour palettes and it’s not possible for each to hire a designer. This got me thinking…

For as long as I remember, I get lost looking at tones in nature, the most complimenting palettes are right in front of us. Vivid colours just pop out against other vibrant tones and sometimes form the most outrageous combinations, but it just works. Others are soft and relaxing, I could be here all day describing scenarios so instead I’ve created this blog to help translate what I see. Nature gives us perfectly beautiful palettes and I’m giving these to you to in a form that I hope inspires you and your home.

This blog is intended to be purely inspirational. Over the course of the year myself and the team working on this will be taking you through seasonal changes of colours on land, by the sea and as active scuba divers we are even going to take you under water to a world of colour you might not even have been aware of.

Let the fun commence…



Product References

No 001

Colortrend Shell Cove, EZ Living Nickel Table Lamp, Frame Carpet Floor Tile by Refin, Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone, Laura Ashley Mirror, Farrow and Ball Brocade wallpaper

No 003

Ralph Lauren Gabrielle Shearling Pillow, Farrow and Ball Lulworth Blue, Laura Ashley Shell, Farrow and Ball Broad striped wallpaper, Primrose and Plum Glass ball table lamp, Francis Brennan Collection Dunnes Stores, Farrow and Ball Skylight, Meadows & Byrne Throw.

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